Mathias Bachmann is a Experience Designer in Hamburg, Germany

CW32 › Your weekly pills: Fira Code, Kerby Rosanes and more

Last week was not so exciting but the web is full of great surprises. Check out the artist Kerby Rosanes and give the font Fira Code a try.

Font: Fira Code

If you still use fonts like Hack or Fira Mono. Give Fira Code a try! Fira Code is a free monospaced font with programming ligatures based on Fira Mono. It makes your code so much better to read.

You can get Fira Code on GitHub. In case you are also using PhpStorm: Make sure you enable font ligatures in your settings (Preferences › Editor › Colors & Fonts › Font).

Artist: Kerby Rosanes

Images of Pogémon Go teams Kerby Rosanes

I want to share one artist from my Instagram timeline with you. Kerby Rosanes, an artist from Manila. He is such an amazing Illustrator and I love his styles and his creativity. Please check out his great art on his Instagram account called kerbyrosanes and also the website of Kerby.

Worth a read, worth a look

Shot of the week

Instagram shot by Mathias Bachmann