Mathias Bachmann is a Experience Designer in Hamburg, Germany

Laravel 5.3 nearly released

After about 5 years Taylor Otwell NEARLY released Laravel 5.3 at the Laracon US. We saw already many changes of 5.3 in the last months but in Taylors talk he came up with some really cool new features. Here you get an short overview over the new stuff in Laravel 5.3, which is scheduled for about the next 2-4 weeks.

Laravel Passport

Laravel Passport is an optional package to setup your own oAuth 2 server in just minutes. That will push your own implementation of your own social / community services.

Laravel Mailable

With Laravel Mailable you can send mails smarter than ever before. The mail feature of Laravel will be optimzed but will not bring breaking changes for your current apps.

Laravel Scout

Laravel Scout brings you a driver based full-text search for Eloquent. It will support Algolia out of the box and the community can add their own drivers. Just add a searchable trait to your models and your are ready to sync and search.

Laravel Notifications

Laravel Notifications gives you the ability to trigger services like SMS, Mail or somthing like Slack. And you will get repsonsive templates for your mail notificiations.

Useful stuff about Laravel 5.3

For me Scout and Passport are the most exciting features. One more thing... THANK YOU to Taylor Otwell and the community around Laravel and PHP!