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CW26 › Your weekly pills: Laravel 5.3, Hackintosh, The Mill BLACKBIRD and more.

It's time for your weekly pills. I found some stuff for your inspiration.

Drum-roll: Laravel 5.3

Laravel 5.3 is coming and it looks like it will released around July 27-29 in Louisville at the Laracon US. Some upcoming updates are already known like Laravel Echo. So check out some useful ressources:

Building My $1,200 Hackintosh

I found the Tweet by Mike Rundle in my Timeline with the keyword "Hackintosh". Hackintosh? Read more about his adventure in his article Building My $1,200 Hackintosh

Fully adjustable car rig that creates photoreal CG cars

Just wow. You need to check out this awesome project by The Mill.

The Mill BLACKBIRD® is able to quickly transform its chassis to match the exact length and width of almost any car. Powered by an electric motor, it can be programmed to imitate acceleration curves and gearing shifts and the adjustable suspension alters ride height, rigidity and dampening to replicate typical driving characteristics.

Book Recommendation

Book Cover

I can recommend you the german book Über Arbeiten und Fertigsein - real existierender Humor by Bühne 36. It is a small collection of entertaining stories by german authors like Marc-Uwe Kling

Worth a look, worth a read