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CW28 › Your weekly pills: Pokémon GO and Facebook Swift SDK

Pokémon GO on Android

I'm a bit late with your weekly pills for CW28. I was on a Pokémon hunt. Crazy week, right? After the USA, New Zealand and the UK, now also in Germany... Teenagers and adults walking like Zombies through the city. Yes, I'm talking about Pokémon GO. Pokémon is back on Android and iOS. Maybe it's to early but I hope Nintendo is also back in the game of game development. I'm still dreaming of Super Mario for iOS with a new graphic facelift and a retro mode like Monkey Island for iOS.

Ok, let's take a small break from Pokémon GO.

Swift SDK by Facebook

Facebook launched a fresh Swift SDK and it provides native Swift frameworks that wraps the existing Objective-C SDK for iOS. It is still beta but you can already check out the Repository on GitHub.

Worth a look, worth a read

Pokémon, Pokédron, Pokéwalls

Keep calm, just one or two words more about Pokémon GO. We can learn a lot from the launch of the new Pokémon mobile app. Tobias van Schneider wrote a nice article about it on his newsletter and published it also on Medium. You think it is just a game? Sure, maybe just the beginning. You can already buy accessories for your Pokémon hunts, like the drone by TRNDlabs called Pokédrone. And sure you can grap already nice wallpapers like the Pokéwall Wallpaper for iOS by Ged Maheux from Iconfactory. But better than all that Pokémon stuff are the breaking news about the revival of the NES. Nintendo will release a Mini version of the legendary Nintendo Entertainment System including 30 games. Read more about it here.

Shot of the week

One of my shots from the weekend at the Baltic Sea in Germany. Three days just full of good times. You can follow me to see more of my shots.