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CW30 › Your weekly pills: Laracon US, Laravel, Wordpress

CW30 was like Laramania. A week full of great news about Laravel and the Community. Laracon US brought us great talks and news about Laravel 5.3 and general development. Good to see that Vue.js also plays a larger role more and more.

Laracon US 2016

Three days are over and it looks like the Laracon US 2016 was a one big success. Ok, let's not talk about the Live-Stream. ;) Aside from technical problems it was an event full with great talks, really good speaker and a great community. Here you get a list of great posts about the three days and development stuff of Laracon US 2016:

Laravel 5.3

I already wrote the post about the upcoming features for Laravel 5.3. So if you missed it, you can read Laravel 5.3 nearly released and get a short overview of features / packages like Laravel Passport or Laravel Scout.

Maybe Laravel 5.3 will be available in 2-4 weeks.

Wordpress stuff

Shot of the week

The week was full of good PHP stuff, so my little iPhone shot of my ElePHPant makes a good conclusion of the calendar week 30.